Episode 7: Summer 2021 Recap - Part 1

Shaun and Lydia Happy Hour is a conversational podcast that attempts to untangle the good, the bad, and the in-betweens of life. We are staunch believers in pronoia, the opposite of paranoia, and we're here to share our journey as we rocket on a lump of dirt through the cosmos. All are invited to this happy hour, so bust out your favorite cold beverage and listen in on the conversation!
We're back to recap you all on what we've been up to these past two months. This summer has been one for the books. We've travelled nonstop and met some incredible people along the way. We're so very fortunate to have new friends in new places and old friends here at home as we move through (what we hope is) the tail end of this pandemic. We hope our travels inspire you to get out there and make some moves. 

Check out our friend Lennon's music! He and Lance are insanely talented and they both deserve the biggest shoutouts imaginable! 
- @LennonDropsMusic on Instagram! 

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